How do I maintain the viability of my business?


In a new business getting to profitability is one thing, keeping it there is something else. Rapid changes brought about by advances in technology,  create constant change in the market’s demand for new products and services that must be developed in response.

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How do I change the negative behavior of another person toward me?

If another person is behaving badly toward me, the best way to change that situation is to change myself. If my thoughts toward that person are positive rather than negative, there is a strong likelihood that the person will change in response to the change in me. Try it.
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What skills are required to have a successful business?

In his book, The E-Myth, Michael Gerber says that successful businesses must have technical skills, managerial skills and entrepreneur skills. Few people possess all three. Therefore, the business owner must engage those who possess the skills that the owner lacks.

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Why should we have written goals?

The unconscious computer in our brains is a goal-setting mechanism. Whatever we program it to believe, it believes.. Writing reinforces what we think and verbalize which provides another modality to create the belief necessary to achieve our goal. First within, then without.

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Volume 14, Number 10
October 2014  

When right isn’t enough

            Look around at the world we live today.  The competitive nature of the workplace, the incredible changes created by technology and the constant need for us to be correct in our judgments and perceptions, require that we, as leaders, seek to be right all the time.  However, being right is one thing and being reasonable is another.

            For example, when we set goals for ourselves and our teams, are these expectations not only right, but reasonable as well?  Over the years, we have many situations where reasonableness is overridden by  the notion of setting objectives that are beyond the reach of both individuals and teams.  These “stretch goals,” as called by Jack Welch at GE, are intended to  test the determination of the executive and the members of his/her team to seek success beyond the reasonable capability of all concerned. However, if these unreasonable expectations are not met, everyone is likely  to feel a sense of failure, even when the accomplishment was sufficient by logical standards.

            Good leaders seek to set expectations for themselves and others that, when achieved, provide a genuine sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. In such a situation, people feel fine about themselves and will continue to  do so  as long as they are recognized and rewarded for what they do on a continuous basis.  They become energized by success and encouraged to maintain the commitment necessary for continuity.  When stretch goals are missed, the disappointment diminishes the desire to do what is right and the courage to do it, which breeds lethargy and despair. (Nothing I do is ever good enough.) Accomplishment is, to a certain extent, its own reward.

Norman J. York

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