How has the government made self-employment so attractive?

“The advent of the Affordable Healthcare Act is causing increasing numbers of employers to reduce full-time jobs in order to avoid the cost of the benefits that they can no longer afford, or at least think they can’t afford.  Whether this is either good or bad depends on your perception.  Change, despite some of its consequences, always creates opportunities for those who choose to see opportunity in the midst of the changing world.”

Quoted from  The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition, now available in print or eBook from Amazon.  Or contact

The failure of entitlements

// // <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/?_fb_noscript=1″ /> Bernie Sanders and the socialists can never get it right. There is nothing more demeaning than giving something to someone he or she knows is undeserved. It diminishes the person is his own eyes and impacts his self-worth. At least FDR created the WPA, where people could earn a living and feel the pride of accomplishment.

Why do businesses so often fail to understand the value of people?

“Generally, businesses have two major domains, operations and organization.  Many if not most of the people who run businesses come from the operations side, e.g., finance, marketing, manufacturing, legal, etc. and may have little understanding of the organization side. Consequently, they focus on what they do understand, which is operations.  They fail to realize that improving the quality and effectiveness of the organization will serve to improve the business’s operations, since it’s people who do the work.”

Quoted from Thriving in the Changing Workplace, now available in print or eBook from  Or contact

What is career transformation?

People who experience economically or technologically driven endings to their work source may transfer their skills to a new area of endeavor.  However, those who do so with a willingness and a joy for so doing, become transformed  by seeing their work from another perspective and truly become enriched by the  transformation.

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Why do people desire to work for themselves?

People who seek self-employment options do not do so primarily to make money.  They do so primarily to be free; free from  the frustrations and aggravations so often associated with the bureaucracy of the corporate world.  However, freedom  is not free and one who desires freedom must be willing to pay the price, which means working with a level of commitment and determination that exceeds that characterized  by the average job. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

To learn more, read The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition, now available in print or eBook from Amazon.  Or contact