Why is positive expectancy critical for our success in the marketplace?

“If I am angry or filled with negative energy of any kind, that negativity will communicate in ways I don’t understand, even though I have a smile on my face and I am pretending to be happy and joyful.  Here’s where self-talk can be most effective.  You can admit your anger or whatever negative energy you  are experiencing at the moment, yet say, “I don’t have to feel this way and I am changing my attitude to a belief in a positive outcome that will work toward my success.”  Whatever you believe is true, is true for you.  That’s why we end up  believing lies, e.g., I’m not good enough, pretty enough, etc.”

Quoted from Thriving in the Changing Workplace, now available in print or eBook from Amazon.com.  Or contact http://www.yorkinc.com

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