Why is emotional stability an important quality for small business owners?

The most dangerous people on earth are the owners of small businesses because more people work for small businesses than big ones and there is usually no test for ownership.  One may need to be certified or licensed to practice a particular trade or profession, but ownership is rarely constrained.  Creating a happy, interactive work environment in which people feel appreciated and valued should always be the goal of a manager and is a requirement for a leader.  Temper tantrums and emotional irrationality on the part of the boss should be avoided at all cost.

“Business owners who create a workplace environment of fear, will most likely fail in time because, while fear can be a motivator, it is certainly one to be avoided.  Furthermore, when the owner has reason to be fearful or angry, as can often be the case, such emotionality should never be allowed to impact those in his/her charge.  People who feel safe and appreciated will be productive and a source of value to the business.”

Quoted from  The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition, now available in print or eBook from Amazon.  Or contact http://www.yorkinc.com.

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