A Passion for Leadership

“In today’s America, if a leader wants to inspire excellence, she must model it herself. She must treat her employees with respect and dignity, empower them, tell them the truth, trust them and hold them accountable.  She won’t get through to everyone, but she will influence enough people to accomplish her goals.  Only the people who work for you can bring about the transformational changes you seek.”

Quoted from A Passion for Leadership by Dr. Robert M. Gates.  To learn how you can become a leader in service to others contact: http://www.yorkinc.com.


Why can having partners be a mixed blessing?

“Having partners can be a blessing or a curse.  The blessing is evident when the business is initiated and partners are struggling for customers/clients and mutual support and trust are essential.  Unfortunately greed can become part of the mix when success is evident.   Money can be a great motivator, whether for good or ill.  It’s a great source of motivation when it’s in short supply and everyone is stretched thin trying to make the business a success.  The ill part occurs when the business is making lots of it and partners fight for a bigger and bigger piece or more of the pie.

“Read about Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, who became friends in Stanford and who wanted to be in business together.  And even though they suffered some failures, their friendship bound them together until they found the right mix–Hewlett/Packard.”

Quoted from  The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition, now available in print or eBook from Amazon.  Or contact http://www.yorkinc.com.

Do you believe that your age is the impediment to finding meaningful work?

“I’m over fifty, who will ever want to hire me?”  That question has been asked of me by literally dozens of people I’ve worked with who have lost their jobs in mid-career.  And what’s the answer?  There are jillions of organizations, albeit small ones, that need the skills, the wisdom, the maturity, and the dependability that are offered by mature individuals.  What’s the rub?  Virtually none are advertised in the newspaper, listed with the Employment Commission, or known to some personnel agency or search person.

No matter who you are or what you think your limitations are, there are people out there who need you.  That’s not the issue.  The issues are two-fold. First you have to believe that you represent asset value to some organization.  And second, you have to find a way to become connected to those who have problems that your skills will solve.”

Quoted from Thriving in the Changing Workplace, now available in print or eBook from Amazon.com.  Or contact http://www.yorkinc.com

Why is a business owner’s willingness to market so critical for success?

As a new business grows the marketing functions may be delegated to others, but most often in the beginning it is the owners who must develop the business.  There are always     things that need to be done in any business, but there can be no shirking the marketing       role if the firm is to succeed.  Therefore, unless one markets willingly and happily and is   energized by the effort, the other things will get in the way.  Marketing must take top           priority during the hours of the day most appropriate to that activity and all other tasks       must be done whenever they don’t interfere.

 “Even those who may be willing to market and enjoy the process are at times and under   certain circumstances challenged by the activity required for a sustained endeavor.          Marketing can be hard work requiring one to rise early for breakfast meetings and work late for dinners and evening events.  Depending on the strategies associated with the            business, marketing costs can be a financial challenge to a fledgling business or one with a new owner.”

 Quoted from  The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition, now available in print or eBook from Amazon.  Or contact http://www.yorkinc.com.