How can risk become a source of motivation to the small business owner?

“Did you think that entrepreneurs are high rollers?  Not according to the research.  Yet, as stated earlier, they are not risk aversive.  They are, however, willing (that word, again) to take a measured risk to make a desired contribution and to earn a corresponding financial reward.  While there is little gain without pain, a small risk will usually produce a small reward.

“While there are certainly risks in every business, the perception of risk can be marginalized when all work together to maintain a positive perspective and who foster a belief in success.  Achieving small, measurable goals serves a great purpose in creating and maintaining the belief in a successful outcome.  The old expression, “nothing succeeds like success” is not only a truism, it is truth itself.  People who believe in themselves and in the intrinsic value of their work,  will be creative and committed to finding the right path to follow and the courage to do whatever is required, no matter how great the challenge.”

Quoted from  The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition, now available in print


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