Happy people are productive people


Is it surprising to learn that people work better when they are happy and feel good about themselves and others?  Is it any wonder that people are more productive when they are happy and feel respected by their employers, who they believe seek to provide the best and safest workplaces possible?  Is it logical to expect that the increased productivity of happy people results in increased profitability or some other desired outcome?


If all of this is true, why then do not most employers create workplace environments that encourage their people to enjoy and appreciate their places to work and the enjoyment they share with their workmates?  If we know these ideas to be true, why don’t the captains of industry understand how beneficial simple considerations can be to increase value many times over? If you know, please tell me.


Now in print or as an eBook from Amazon, Thriving in the Changing Workplace and The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition by Norman York and Using Your Inner Power to find Meaningful Work by Norman and Madeleine York.  Now in production, Recareering™ for the Second Half of Life, by Norman York.



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