New Beginnings


As we anticipate the new year, many of us are suffering from devastating experiences that may have created significant physical, financial and/or related challenges.  Given natural disasters, thousands have lost everything they possess, except their lives, and have no place to go nor no one to go to.


In such circumstances, it’s easy to focus on the nature of the condition and to feel a variety of negative emotions all associated with the experiences and with their unfortunate consequences.  However, we have the choice to believe that within the situation, no matter how bad, lies the seed of a blessing and if we are willing to focus on the blessing, it will appear in time. “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.”

Now in print or as an eBook from Amazon, Thriving in the Changing Workplace and The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition by Norman York and Using Your Inner Power to find Meaningful Work by Norman and Madeleine York.  Now in production, Recareering™ for the Second Half of Life, by Norman


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