Working and living in harmony


Harmony is one of the four elements of music—harmony, rhythm, melody and form.  However, from a larger perspective, harmony is a major element of our lives since it characterizes a state of inner peace that we all seek to accomplish.  We can choose to live in harmony with all others, even if some others are not seeking to be in harmony with others or with themselves.


Even in situations that may be chaotic there is always the foundation of harmony that can be experienced if one seeks to find it.  The harmony seeker will always brighten any situation no matter what the context may be.  Let your light so shine that others may bask in your harmonious reflection.


Now in print or as an eBook from Amazon, Thriving in the Changing Workplace and The Successful Entrepreneur, Second Edition by Norman York and Using Your Inner Power to find Meaningful Work by Norman and Madeleine York.  Now in production, Recareering™ for the Second Half of Life, by Norman York.



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